Prodi Tadris Bahasa Inggris

This course is intended to provide understanding or knowledge as well as skills in using grammar correctly starting with the smallest part of the language (part of speech) consisting of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs which are then developed into noun phrases, verb phrases, adjective phrases and adverbial phrases. Then students will be taught how to form these phrases into sentences by following sentence patterns that are adapted to the tenses being taught. In this course, students are only provided with simple tenses, namely simple present tense, simple past tense, simple future tense, present progressive, past progressive, future progressive, comparison and auxiliary modal. By learning simple tenses and grammar, students are expected to be able to understand concepts and apply skills in making sentences and be able to communicate both in writing (writing) and orally (speaking).

This course aims to equip students with knowledge about writing good and correct paragraphs, both from the rules of writing and grammar. Students are trained to express ideas in a paragraph according to the genre of writing being taught. The knowledge taught includes definitions, the nature and form of paragraphs, types (genres) of writing and their rules (rhetorical focus), grammar (grammar focus) and vocabulary (vocabulary).